10 Indie SXSW Acts That Will Be Even Better Than Their Mainstream Counterparts

South by Southwest has officially taken Austin by storm, bringing musicians, journalists, fans and confused Texans just trying to visit their state capital together in one place. It’s chaotic, it’s exhausting, it’s rife with dehydration and taco-hungry revelers. It’s an indie music festival!

We’ve given you a rundown of the best showcases to attend (hint: get your RSVP on). Now, we’ve compiled a handy guide to finding your next favorite artist. Whether you are prone to Adele listening parties or like to zone out to the grizzly voice of Tom Waits, there’s an emerging talent for you. Check out the list below and let us know who you’re excited to see this week in the comments.

Behold, 10 indie acts you might not know about, but should definitely see at SXSW 2014:

1. If you like Adele, you’ll love Jetta

adele concert
(Getty Images/Jetta Facebook)

Liverpool-born Jetta is like a mix of Adele, Solange Knowles and Florence Welch. Some of her songs veer toward ballad territory, while others are more uptempo. First song you should listen to: “Start a Riot.”

2. If you like Yo La Tengo, you’ll love Wye Oak

yo la tengo
(Getty Images/Wye Oak Facebook)

Described as “earnest folk-influenced indie rock with touches of noise and dream-pop,” the Baltimore-bred Wye Oak combines the smooth voice of Jenn Wasner with guitars reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. If you like Yo La Tengo or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you’ll enjoy Wye Oak.

3. If you like My Bloody Valentine, you’ll love Real Estate

my bloody valentine
(Getty Images/Real Estate Facebook)

New Jersey-born Real Estate is like the beach-y stepchild of Pavement and Wilco, or My Bloody Valentine mixed with R.E.M. Basically, if you’re taking a leisurely road trip across the United States, this is the band you want writing your own personal soundtrack.

4. If you like Vampire Weekend, you’ll love Hospitality

vampire weekend
(Getty Images/Hospitality Facebook)

If you enjoy Vampire Weekend’s New York vibes, cloaked literary references and air of academic indie rock, Hospitality is for you.

5. If you like Bjork, you’ll love Warpaint

(Getty Images/Warpaint Facebook)

In terms of big acts, we’d compare Warpaint to Bjork, but the band’s probably closer to Bat for Lashes. Psychedelic pop, post-punk indie — call it what you want, you should just see it for yourself.

6. If you like The Violent Femmes, you’ll love Perfect Pussy

violent femmes
(Getty Images/Perfect Pussy Facebook)

We love the music and we love the name. Lead singer Meredith Graves had this to say about the moniker: “Really, it’s just a nice thing to say to yourself.

7. If you like Beck, you’ll love Until the Ribbon Breaks

beck musician
(Getty Images/Until the Ribbon Breaks Facebook)

Beck, Massive Attack, a one-man band from outer space — the comparisons are endless and almost never hit the mark. Until the Ribbon Breaks, aka electronic musician Peter Lawrie Winfield, skirts genres, producing everything from Lorde covers to homages to David Lynch.

8. If you like Kesha, you’ll love Tove Lo

(Tove Lo Facebook/Getty Images)

The Swedish-born crooner writes lyrics that are a bit more relatable than the words Kesha (the singer formerly known as Ke$ha) has been known to pen. But if you’re into poppy vocals and danceable mixes, Tove Lo is an act you need to see.

9. If you like PJ Harvey, you’ll love Angel Olson

pj harvey
(Getty Images/Angel Olsen Facebook)

The Bonnie “Prince” Billy band alumna Angel Olsen will be a fan favorite of anyone who likes Sharon van Etten, Leonard Cohen, or PJ Harvey.

10. If you like Tom Waits, you’ll love Future Islands

tom waits
(Getty Images/Future Islands Facebook)

It’s more like, as one Guardian writer put it, Tom Waits singing for New Order. Or Bruce Springsteen fronting Morrissey. Just, check them out.

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