20 Scary Things You Secretly Think Might Happen On A Plane

They’re not actually gonna happen.

…but they could.

1. The plane’s wings might fall off, sending you spiraling to your doom on a deserted island.

2. The lavatory might run out of water (like we said, COULD HAPPEN), thereby forcing you to hold your pee until landing.
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3. The snack cart might be out of honey roasted peanuts by the time it gets to you, and then you’ll have to eat… REGULAR peanuts.

4. Your organs might get sucked to the depths of the lavatory toilet if you sit on it.

5. The pilot might have a heart attack.

6. You might be given 5.2 seconds to tear apart your seat and extract that magical floatation device we’ve heard so much about.

7. One really allergic guy might suffer a peanut-induced hyperventilation spasm mid-flight.

8. The person next to you might barf all over your lap.

9. The little breathing masks might fall from the ceiling like in the videos. And you will have NO idea what to do.

10. You might bite into a maggot sandwich (again, COULD HAPPEN).

11. The sweaty guy next to you might fart.

12. That adorable baby you’re playing peek-a-boo with might morph into a flesh-eating zombie and devour the captain and crew.

13. You might get asked to switch so a mother and daughter can sit together but then end up seated next to the smelliest man who ever roamed the Earth.

14. You might get served warm Coke.

15. The lock in the lavatory might break while you’re in it, and you might be stuck in there for the WHOLE REST OF THE TIME.
Reaction GIF: despair, Jake Gyllenhaal

16. You might forget to turn your cell phone off, causing the plane to careen downwards mere seconds after taking off.

17. You might contract an incurable disease from the recycled air that shoots through the tiny vents.

18. You might have to barf in a bag.

19. You might get pierced to death by the fangs of five thousand venomous snakes (once more, COULD HAPPEN).

20. You might fall out.

Link to article: www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/06/scary-things-on-plane_n_4039829.html?utm_hp_ref=travel&ir=Travel


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