20-Somethings: Spoil Yourself With a Graduate Degree Abroad

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Thinking about advancing your education? Let me guess, you’re a 20-something that wants more than your job can give. You miss the glory days of college and are really, just looking for an excuse to go back to school. While, you’ll never get the first-time college experience again (which might be a blessing in disguise), the next best (better) thing might just be looking across the pond to pursue your higher education. There are plenty of reasons why you should pursue a graduate degree abroad.

It can only help…

In the long run, getting a Master’s degree will never hurt you. If anything, you’ll come back to the workforce more valuable since you have a higher degree. Not to mention the amazing experience you’ll have along the way. You’re also more culturally diverse once you’ve studied abroad. Who knows, you might even make connections in Europe that could help you land your dream job.

It’s cheaper!

One of the big pluses to getting a Master’s degree in Europe is the fact that even with the international student fees, it’s still cheaper to do your Master’s or Graduate degree in say, the UK. For UK residents, it’s dirt cheap, for us, it’s still manageable, especially with the right loans.

You have money saved up.

If you’re still living at home with a full time job, chances are you have some funds saved up, probably for that apartment in the city. Well guess what, a year from now, that apartment’s still going to be there. The opportunity to travel might not be as accessible in the future.

It’s shorter!

Most graduate programs in the U.S. are at least two years long by default. In the UK, you’ll find that a lot of them are only one year. So basically, you’re getting a lot of knowledge in one year and it’s still cheaper.

The chance to see the world (while learning!)

What could be better than traveling the world while getting a Master’s degree? Think about it, if you quit your job and told your friends and family that you were going to travel the world, they’d say you were ‘goofing off’ or going through a quarter-life crisis. But you’re not doing that. Nope, you’re advancing your education while you travel the world. Mom and Dad will be telling all their friends about the amazing life you’re leading while going to school in Europe.

Learn to call another place home

If you’ve never had the opportunity to live away from home or study abroad, this is your chance to go out on your own and really find yourself. Calling a foreign place home will only make you a more interesting and diverse person. Sometimes, the best way to find out who we really are is to leave everything we know.

When else can you do this?

You’re in your twenties. Besides your job, your friends and family (which consist of your parents and siblings), there is nothing tying you down. There’ll be another job when you come home, (probably a better one with your new degree), and your friends and family now have the perfect excuse to finally plan their European vacation.

We only regret the things we didn’t get to do.

You’re never going to regret going, only not going. The friends you’ll make and the places you’ll see, they are (not to sound cliché but…) priceless. One of the best things about studying abroad is that your new friends are from all over the world: the perfect excuse to keep traveling once your degree is done.

Lastly: “Going to Paris for the weekend.”

Come on… imagine if that was your Facebook status? We’re jealous already.

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