8 Pinterest Ideas That Exist To Make You Feel Bad About Your Life

Pinterest is my favorite social network. There are no filters, there is no pressure to be witty in 140 characters, and no pressure to prove that I am, indeed, a 24-hour party person.

While I appreciate Pinterest’s ability to summon me heartbreakingly beautiful photos and ideas, there’s one universal truth: Pinterest reflects a reality that is, by far, way better than anyone’s current reality. If you remember that, you won’t get bothered by the massive amounts of photos from bloggers who seemingly have nothing better to do than art-direct their lives and families.

If you forget that, however, you will start feeling bad about your utterly average life. These pins may or may not solely exist to inspire those feelings. Who are these people and what do they do with their days?

While You’re Working 7 am-10 pm, Someone Is Knotting A Million Tiny Strings

While You Spend An Hour Trying To Find Your Keys, Which Ended Up Being At The Bottom Of Your Receipt-Filled Purse, Someone Is Artfully Arranging Dozens Of Paper Cones

While You Are Cursing Under Your Breath At Your Family, Someone Is Making Lacy Pancakes


While You Hurriedly Ran Your Fingers Through Your Hair While Running Out The Door, Someone Made A 15-Part Hair Bun Thing

While You Went To Applebee’s For Half-Off Appetizers At Midnight, Someone Thought Of 35+ Date Ideas, Took A Picture With Their Significant Other On A Tandem Bike And Made A Blog Out Of It

While You Plod Through Another Elliptical Workout, Someone Made An Infographic Of Their Workout Schedule

While You Sat Down To The 3rd Meal Of The Week Featuring Chicken Breasts, Somebody Turned Their Homemade Dinner Into An Engagement Photo Op

What could be more Pinterest-y than mason jar ideas?

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