8 Ways To Handle Your Hangover Abroad (GIFs)

Traveling and partying go hand in hand — there’s nothing like experiencing a foreign city by night, reveling with the locals.

But too much fun can lead to a nagging hangover that could really put a damper on the daytime portion of your trip. Stay healthy and know how to get a handle on your hangover abroad.

1. Make A Survival Kit

Don’t assume you’ll have access to a drugstore or will find your go-to hangover cures abroad. Pack enough of your preferred painkiller and Tums to get you through those rough mornings. Also have on hand a reusable water bottle to take on the go. Other good things to have on hand: wet wipes (particularly helpful for hostel stays), pedialyte packets (because there’s no guarantee you’ll find Gatorade), sunglasses, breath mints and some of those restaurant packs of Saltines.

2. Stay Active During The Day

If you book something non-refundable during the day, you’re a lot less likely to sleep through 75 percent of your vacation. It can be really tempting to just hide out in bed all day until it’s party time, but you’ll regret it later. Guided tours, tickets to a show or a splurge-worthy spa service all are sure to get you out of bed. You’re a lot less likely to hit snooze if you’ve already paid for your activity. Just don’t book something too active like white water-rafting or bungee jumping.

3. Take Naps

Try and schedule naps into your daily schedule if possible. It’ll make your days less miserable and your evenings more enjoyable. Plus, you’re on vacation — you should nap.

4. Eat Some Street Food

Don’t make breakfast or brunch plans. Instead, go for a stroll, get some fresh air, buy something greasy and cheap and find a nice outdoor spot to eat it. This way, if you’re not feeling too hot, you’re not stuck in a restaurant.

6. Try Out Local Cures… With Caution

Every culture has it’s own hangover cure — and some of them are pretty strange. We’d have no problem trying out a full English breakfast in the UK but would be wary of Ciorba De Burta (tripe soup) in Romania.

7. Have Understanding Travel Companions.

If you’re friends are just as hungover as you, that’s great. If not, split up and let them do their own thing. The got-too-drunkies can hang together, while those who can rally don’t have to feel held back. Pick a time and place to meet up later. It’ll keep everyone happy and at peace with one another.

8. Have An Escape Route

If you’re flying, try and book an aisle seat on your flight home. Chances are your last night will be a wild one, and your morning flight will be less than enjoyable. That aisle seat will be your savior if you need to run off to the restroom or request some water.

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