A Peek At Arctic Alaska Life Courtesy Of Instagram

Living in the Arctic is an experience few of us will ever have. Luckily, technology connects us to those who get to experience life in super cool places, and allows us to see the world through their eyes.

Instagram user Stanche Sweatman (@swdavest) gives us a peek into her arctic Alaskan life by sharing photos and videos. Sweatman said photographing and sharing her days in Alaska helps pass the time, especially during the cold, dark winter.

“Instagram is my motivation to brave the weather and get out regardless of the temperature or conditions and take pictures,” Stanche told Instagram. “I think the extreme cold somehow comes through in my pictures.”

Check out a few of Sweatman’s gorgeous photos below!

Link to article: www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/15/instagram-stanche-sweatman-arctic-alaska_n_4602653.html?utm_hp_ref=travel&ir=Travel


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