Ad break: Sears squirrels, Derrick Rose for Adidas

Watch a quirky campaign in which squirrels revolt against people in our review of new commercials from around the world

Hornbach: ‘And What Will Remain Of You?’ (starts at 00:06) – Germany

Clichés about Teutonic stoicism are dashed by this extraordinarily emotional commercial for a DIY chain. The protagonist Emil reminisces about his father while admiring the elaborate double staircase he and dad built together. If this is representative of the differences between British and German culture, it’s little wonder that theirs is the economy that’s propping up the Eurozone and ours is being kept afloat by an inflationary property bubble.
Agency: Heimat (Berlin)
Director: Koen Mortier

Sears: ‘Squirrel Revolt’ (starts at ) – US

In this madcap US commercial, a man trains squirrels to do his bidding. All is going well and his wife is terribly impressed until until one of the feisty animals decides to stage a revolt. “Nut up!” he shouts to the others, prompting mayhem and the realisation that there are better ways of saving money than getting “pesky squirrels” to cut out coupons.
Agency: McGarry Bowen (Chicago)
Director: Martin Granger

Warburtons: ‘Payback’ (starts at ) – UK

In this lovely depiction of sibling rivalry, long-suffering Sam Saunders writes to Jonathan Warburton about his bossy brother. There seems no escape from the effects of the older boy’s physical superiority but young Sam is playing the long game – he’s eating the advertised bread in the hope that it will give him the necessary nutrition to grow big enough to exact his revenge. 
Agency: WCRS
Director: James Griffiths

Adidas: ‘Basketball is Everything’ (starts at 02:53) – US

NBA star Derrick Rose wants us to know that it’s all about the sport for him. It’s a solemnly-made piece of work that’s been beautifully put together and – as long as you can avoid thinking about the irony of him presenting this claim in a commercial for which he’s being paid a squillion dollars – it’s a pretty persuasive message.
Agency: 180 (USA)
Director: Stacy Wall
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