Air Canada Fake Ticket Ploy Results In Ejection Of 5 Passengers

Five passengers who managed to sneak on board an Air Canada flight using fake tickets have prompted an investigation by the airline.

The incident occurred last Friday at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, in Caracas, Venezuela. Flight 075 was set to leave the airport at 7:15 a.m. for Toronto when passengers were asked to disembark from the plane by security due to a discrepancy with the number of passengers on board.

The captain of the flight found five extra passengers on board — four Iranians and one Afghan — with no visas to enter Canada, according to a translated media report from the airport.

All five were escorted off, resulting in a five-hour delay for the Canada-bound flight. The airline referred to the incident as a delay caused by “immigration issues.”

“Air Canada and the Venezuelan authorities are still investigating this matter so we have no further information to offer at this time,” the airline said according to an emailed addressed to the CBC.

Currently, two workers with an airport security company, an official with Venezuela’s immigration office, and an employee with a third party employed by Air Canada face charges “linked to the illegal trafficking of five foreigners”, according to the Toronto Star.

The five people thrown off the flight currently do not face any charges.

Officials with the Canadian Border Service Agency say they’ve been notified on the matter and looking into the incident as well.

[CBSA] is working closely with domestic and international partners to ensure the safety and security of Canada’s borders,” CBSA spokesperson Amitha Carandin told Global TV.

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