Caitlyn Becker: Labor Day Weekend: 4 Reasons To Staycation

The end of summer is here (don’t cry — there is another one coming next year, I promise.) While everyone is crawling through bumper-to-bumper traffic to squeeze in their last summer getaway, I will be staycationing at home this Labor Day.

Yes, I know vacations are fun. Vacations are also expensive and draining. If you’re only going away for a few days (like in the case of Labor Day) you might try to jam in as much sun, fun and boozing as you possibly can. It might sound like a good idea at the time, but come Tuesday morning when you’re back to the grind you’re gonna be sad. Staycationing, on the other hand, gives you the luxury of real, actual time. So, let’s list the benefits of a good old fashion staycation, shall we?

Chores, Chores, Chores
Ok, I know everyone is going to read this and ask “Why the hell would I want to do chores during my vacation?” Answer: because you’re busy working during the week and you like boozy brunch too much on the weekends. Take advantage of the extra day off (and the fact that all your friends are all probably gone) to get through your to-do list. I’m not advocating spending your whole holiday weekend scrubbing floors and organizing your sock drawer, but finally hanging those picture frames that have been leaning against the wall since Christmas will really lift some stress. Plus I hate the idea of using a hard earned vacation day to run errands so utilize this free one.

Get some ZZZ’s
Remember a good night’s sleep? Of course you don’t — you’ve probably never had one (see above: work/boozy brunch — might as well throw in happy hour too). None of us gets enough sleep and ignoring the benefits of a good night’s snooze is bad for your body, brain and soul. Enjoy going to bed and waking up at your leisure — sans the cacophony of your alarm clock. After adequate rest you will be able to tackle all of the other activities during your staycation with newly found energy. Plus, getting a few days of restful sleep might even help get you on a better sleep schedule overall so you can be more productive at work (and happy hour).

Indulge Local The Flavor
You know fancy restaurant downtown you’ve been dying to try but haven’t because it’s is overpriced and over booked? It likely has some openings during a holiday weekend, so indulge! You’re saving money by not going away so feel free to over-do it a bit with a nice dinner, a hot stone massage or some new clothes for fall. Part of what we love about vacationing is treating ourselves and there is no reason that you shouldn’t have the same mentality when you’re staycationing.

Hit The Gym
As soon as we come back from vacay we all want to detox from eating and drinking crap and get back to our exercise routine. The problem is that you’re tired from your vacation, behind the eight ball with your to-do list and back to work. If you want to jump on the health train, use the 3-day weekend to get started. Run outside, go to the gym or take a yoga class. Working out three days in a row is a good jump-start for a new healthy routine. It’s also a good idea to spend a day cooking some good-for-you food to take to work the next week.

When your staycation is over you’ll be the one person in the office who looks rested and relaxed – the way you’re supposed to look after a real vacation.

What’s your favorite part of staycations? Let me know in the comments!

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