Castello di Santa Eurasia, Once A Crumbling Castle, Has Been Brought Back To Life (PHOTOS)

It seems like newspaper publisher Evgeny Lebedev likes a challenge. As if acquiring two struggling British newspapers wasn’t hard enough, Lebedev decided to take on the renovation of Castello di Santa Eurasia, a crumbling castle in Italy. In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, we get a tour of the newly rebuilt space.

For over 60 years, the 35,000-square-foot castle was untouched. Lebedev hired architect Domenico Minchilli and one of our favorite interior designers, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, to help make the space an actual home. It now has three floors, a restaurant-style kitchen and eight bedrooms. Bullard kept the interior medieval with 18th century furniture and 17th century tapestry. “The interiors look exactly as they would have 200 years ago,” Minchilli said.

Scroll through the photos below to see this magnificent place, and be sure to head over to Architectural Digest for more information.

Photography by Oberto Gili. Before photography courtesy of Domenico Minchilli Design, Rome.

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