Climate negotiations: Another shabby Warsaw Pact

“We can stop this madness”

NO ONE expected much from UN climate talks that wrapped up in Warsaw on November 23rd (a day late) and the event fully lived down to expectations. The best hope was that negotiations for an international climate treaty should be kept on the road towards a possible signing in Paris in 2015. And the best that can be said for the Warsaw meeting is that the delegates did not actually crash the vehicle. But the sort of treaty that will probably emerge from the process seems less and less likely to please anyone, let alone everyone.

The so-called Conference of the Parties (COP) agreed in the Polish capital that countries would make “contributions” to climate-change reduction (such as targets to cut greenhouse-gas emissions) by 2015. Some of the world’s biggest polluters will doubtless do so, which is something. But it is a far cry from what Americans and Europeans wanted: actual…

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