Corporate computing: Big Blue Apple

Wish they’d hurry up and invent the iPad

WHEN he was the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs made little secret of his contempt for selling to big businesses. Once he even referred to their CIOs as chief information “orifices”, through which all orders must pass. Jobs felt that the best way for Apple to prosper was to focus on the consumer. But his successor, Tim Cook, has struck a much friendlier tone about corporate buyers, regularly boasting that Apple’s products are now used by almost all of the world’s largest companies.They could soon be in use at many more firms. On July 15th Mr Cook and Virginia Rometty, the boss of IBM, said their companies were working together to develop more than 100 business-specific mobile applications for Apple’s iPhones and its iPad tablet computers. IBM’s employees will also serve as a sales force for Apple’s gear inside firms and provide on-site service for its devices.The deal does more than bring together two companies that were once bitter foes: in the 1980s Apple’s advertising for its Mac personal computers portrayed Big Blue as an evil Big Brother figure. It also underlines the way in which devices…

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