Corporate cyber-security: Horror movie

It wasn’t me

CRITICS who don’t like a film usually pen scathing reviews of it. But “The Interview”, a comedy from Sony Pictures Entertainment that includes a scene depicting the assassination of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, has provoked a far more damaging response from one particular bunch of detractors. On December 8th hackers who had attacked the studio’s computer systems demanded that it stop showing what they called “the movie of terrorism” to avoid further chaos.Part of Sony, an electronics maker, which also saw its PlayStation gaming network briefly taken offline on the same day the warning was issued, Sony Pictures is the latest in a long line of firms to have been hacked this year. JPMorgan Chase, a bank, and eBay, an e-commerce giant, are among other well-known companies that have suffered breaches. But the Sony case is striking for at least two reasons.The first is the way in which the studio’s attackers, who call themselves the “Guardians of Peace”, or #GOP, have behaved since cracking its digital defences in late November. Most hackers like to pinch valuable data discreetly and then scarper before being spotted….

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