Dachshund Dash 2013: In Which Weenie Dogs Race For The Washington Humane Society And Win Our Hearts

Friends, does your week need more videos of dachshunds making a run for it, for charity?

This is a rhetorical question; obviously it does:

Wiener 500 Dachshund Dash from The GW Hatchet on Vimeo.

Think the nation’s capital is a stuffy place? This is a scene from the Saturday’s second annual Wiener 500 Dachshund Dash for Charity, a most delightful fundraiser organized by OnTap Magazine, in which adorable hotdog-like dogs race across a very short green just blocks from the White House.

The event, which gets even better by featuring some weenie dogs festooned in costumes, benefits the Washington Humane Society, financially — emotionally, it’s good for us all.

Here are some more photos, along those lines:

My Lefty won mixed Doxie heat! "@michaelcoleman: Lotta fun @ontapmagazine Weiner 500 Dachshund Dash @reaganbuilding pic.twitter.com/XCgREJDKbZ"

— Lisa M. Maatz (@LisaMaatz) September 23, 2013

Highly recommend the Wiener 500 Dachshund Dash photos on @themarkberman‘s timeline. pic.twitter.com/8XbNs0OfwT

— Michael Katz (@KatzM) September 21, 2013

dachshund dash

dachshund dash



The GW Hatchet reports that a dog named Pumpkin won the event.

Link to article: www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/23/dachshund-dash-2013_n_3977332.html?utm_hp_ref=travel&ir=Travel


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