E-commerce: Same-day dreamers

When we say now, we mean now

WHEN veterans of the last dotcom boom name companies that epitomise the excesses of the late 1990s, they invariably include Webvan and Kozmo.com in their lists. Both promised to make it easy and cheap for people to order goods online and have them delivered swiftly. And both failed spectacularly after they discovered just how hard it is to make money trying to deliver on tight deadlines.Now, three online giants that survived the dotcom bust are trying to succeed where those two firms failed. Amazon is leading the charge. It has launched AmazonFresh, a same-day delivery service, in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. “Place your order by 10am and have it by dinner,” it boasts. The service, which offers a selection of over 500,000 items including perishables such as milk and eggs, delivers its wares in garish green vans.Google and eBay are in the vanguard too. Google Shopping Express offers same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, as does eBay Now, which is also available in Chicago, Dallas and New York. The two firms are in partnership with big retail chains and smaller local shops, which hold…

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/business/21601556-online-firms-are-plunging-same-day-delivery-again-same-day-dreamers?fsrc=rss|bus

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