Electric vehicles in Europe: Plugging away

Bluecar, grey car, green car

GROUPE BOLLORÉ is one of those family-owned European firms that seem to have jumped like mountain goats from foothold to industrial foothold down the decades. For more than a century it specialised in making paper, before branching out into plastic films for condensers and then advanced batteries. Now it is taking the electric-car market by stealth, if not yet by storm.On September 12th Bolloré and Renault said they would collaborate in the field of electric vehicles. The idea is to extend urban car-sharing schemes and perhaps to produce Bolloré’s existing electric Bluecar at Renault’s factory in Dieppe, as well as a new, smaller version. The French carmaker claims about half of the meagre European market for electric cars but competition is hotting up, with big rivals such as BMW and Volkswagen piling in. Arnaud Montebourg, France’s minister for industrial recovery, welcomed the accord as just the sort of French-French partnership that is needed to restore his country’s fading economy to global greatness.Bolloré is not yet as big a star as Tesla, a ten-year-old Californian maker of high-end electric cars…

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/business/21586590-french-firm-seeks-new-roads-profit-electric-cars-plugging-away?fsrc=rss|bus

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