Emerging economies: Arrested development

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The third great wave

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Emerging economies


The model of development through industrialisation is on its way out

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THIRTY-FIVE YEARS ago Shenzhen was a tiny fishing village just over the river from British Hong Kong. Its inhabitants, like most Chinese, lived in poverty. In 1978 the average income in America was about 21 times that in China. But in 1979 China’s leader, Deng Xiaoping, chose Shenzhen as the country’s first special economic zone, free to experiment with market activity and trade with the outside world. Shenzhen quickly found itself at the leading edge of Chinese economic development, using the same model as Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong itself had done at earlier stages. In the late 1970s China was bursting with cheap, unskilled labour. It opened its doors (a crack, in lucky places like Shenzhen) to foreign manufacturers waiting to take advantage of these low labour costs. Even though wages …

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