Finally, the rate rise arrived to US

It has been a hard way till they arrived here. During the last global crisis, the FED waited and helped economy by the maintenance of the low rates.

But it has been a year of roumors about it. And finally the FED talked. The record low rates we have been seeing during last months was not real. This level was established about 7 years ago as a reaction for the Lehman Brothers crisis.

Although the rise is just symbolic as it just means a 0.25%, it is the first step to say that the world finantial crisis is about to leave the international markets. This measurement comes with an interesting information about job and the low risk of the American economy.

The consecuences of this new Central Bank decision has arrived also to the international markets. In Spain, the IBEX has celebrated this decision with also rises, a clear symphom of the recuperation.

Meanwhile, the president of the FED, Janet Louise Yellen, said this was just the first step, which is also a calm one to see the macroeconomy reactions during next months.

In fact, the role that played the ex president was important to save the United States from the shadow of the Big Depression, but the truth is that the recovery did not arrived during his mandatory period as it is beginning to appear right now with the latest decisions of the Central Bank.

They also advice markets to keep calm. New rises will come, but they will be during a long period time, not all of them together. This means that the final finance recovery is just a plan, but the steps must be slow to consolidate this new post-crisis times.

The finantial entities have suffered from the non confidence of their investors and that is something to work in during next year. While Wall Street celebrates this latest news, there are many indicators to continue working in the confidence of banks, customers and also, of course, the main dollar investments.

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