Google and online privacy: Cut that link

YOU had a run-in with the taxman more than a decade ago, as a result of which your house was put up for auction. Though the issue was resolved long ago, an online search of your name still yields the information. Should the search-engine service be required to take down the link?That was the question put to the European Court of Justice, the European Union’s highest court. A Spaniard named Mario Costeja González had asked Google not to display links to notices in a newspaper published in 1998. The answer the court gave on May 13th was, to the surprise of many, that Google should do as he asked.The court thus confirmed that existing EU law already includes something, if in a limited form, that privacy advocates and the European Commission have long sought: a digital right to be forgotten. It also said that search-engine operators such as Google do not merely display links to already published personal information. They also process that information and allow profiles of individuals to be compiled. This, the court found, is covered by existing law, dating from 1995. It makes no difference that the search engines might do the processing on servers outside Europe….

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