Hong Kong: pro-government group in face-off with Occupy protesters video

A small group of pro-Chinese government supporters confront Occupy protesters in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok business district on Friday. The group chant ‘Go away!’ and deride protesters who have taken time off work to attend the rallies. Hong Kong’s mass pro-democracy protests ebbed on Friday morning after the chief executive offered talks to student representatives Continue reading…

Link to article: feeds.theguardian.com/c/34708/f/663879/s/3f14c8df/sc/11/l/0L0Stheguardian0N0Cworld0Cvideo0C20A140Coct0C0A30Chong0Ekong0Epro0Egovernment0Eoccupy0Eprotesters0Evideo/story01.htm

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