How to replace or repair your car after a natural disaster?

Places in the worldA natural disaster strikes, and your car was destroyed or damaged, so you need to replace or repair it. Whether your vehicle was damaged by a set of tornadoes, a hurricane, an earthquake, or a tsunami or other types of natural disaster, it is always eligible to receive federal assistance on how to replace it. Here’s what to find out and check out after a total loss of your car.

See what’s covered in your car insurance

Anytime your car is damaged, you should analyze if your auto insurance covers damages from natural disasters. By doing this, you can get compensation for a total loss. When any disaster hits, tens of thousands of cars can be destroyed. Whether your vehicle will be blown away by a tornado, damaged by flood water, consumed by fire or even destroyed by a tree falling, comprehensive coverage on your car insurance is the savior. Therefore, make sure your policy covers natural disasters and you won’t have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket.

Make sure you document everything

Document the damage to your vehicle by snapping some images from the harm. Do a full loop around your car to make sure you get shots from a variety of angles to show damage to the car. You should thoroughly take your time to get pictures of your car both inside and out. However, you should avoid washing or waxing your car. Just contact your auto insurance company so they can understand the scale of the natural disaster. They will get your car repaired or replaced in the event your car has been so badly damaged. On the other hand, in the event you hired a car from a rental car agency as you can visit here, and your rental car is damaged by a natural disaster, know if your insurance covers a rented car. Make sure you get the same car rental coverage as you have on your own vehicle.

Keep detailed records of every interaction with the insurance company

Cars can be destroyed in a moment when there is a natural disaster. It is therefore very important to maintain a log of all the actions, keep all emails and record conversations with your insurance company by date and time.

Additionally, don’t forget to keep notes of who you speak to. Thus, if there is ever any problem with your vehicle, and you keep detailed records of every interaction with your insurance company, it will put them in the position of disproving it. They will probably replace your car or cut you a check for its value.

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