Idomeni starts the exodus

Idomeini has been, during last months, home for thousand of refugees that were running away from the Syrian war. But, as we have seen during these days in the media, the evacuation has started and almost 8500 people will be trasfered to some of the shelters in Greece.

Since borders were closed, this area between Greece and the FYROM has been the area were all these refugees stayed, waiting for Europe to react and give them an opportunity to start somewhere else.

These new shelters will be operated also by non profit organizations that will give them the support needed while the European Parliament decide and vote the new policies to follow in this conflict.

Many old factories have been reconverted into the spaces that will harbor all the migrants both in Idomeni and the Pireo refugees camp.

The truth is that the communication is not being as effective as it should be and almost all the people in the camps react in a negative way to the transfer as they think that the borders are now open again and they can choose what to do. The labour of all these organizations is hard because of the conditions in this area. There is no raw material for the health controls, the alimentation or even the protection they need.

The many mafias that have been acting in these camps and it is one of the reasons of the shelters, to protect people from the human traffic that has been one of the main dangers for kids. The new human conditions that are supposed to be instaured in the new places are the best option for those who left their homes because of the ISIS and the war.

As told, the FYROM borders won’t be opened until the latests months of this year, so this option, the most desired for all these heroes, is not available by now.

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