Jacada’s Top 20 Favorite Infinity Pools

Many consider the deciding factor for choosing a hotel is the swimming pool. Be it a safer option for kids or a quieter alternative for those that want their own space, comfort, service and added exclusivity. Even private villas on the edge of a deserted paradise island need the option of a pool.

But what turns these swimming pools into works of art and innovation? Perhaps underlining some knockout skyline or panorama beyond in an almost celestial send off as you contemplate the extravagant vertigo of where you now lie or swim and that of beyond? We think so.

Here at Jacada Travel we like to be hot on the pulse of the most paradisiacal pools around. Right now, in an attempt to fight off thoughts of the current winter chill, we are lusting after the finest places to plunge from Bali to Tanzania to Brazil.

Imagine swimming laps in the wilds of the African floodplains as elephants trample by, or basking in the sun as you float among Indonesian rice paddies. These endless soakers promise a true feast for the eyes with settings perched on dramatic cliffs looking down to tropical jungle, elegant city rooftops, wide oceans and open plains.

Join us by taking a dip into our list of favorite never-ending pools.

Link to article: www.huffingtonpost.com/jacada-travel/jacadas-favourite-infinit_1_b_4860154.html?utm_hp_ref=travel&ir=Travel


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