Kim Kardashian to be the Forbes cover

Kim KardashianReally? A Kardashian in the Forbes cover? Yes. And the truth is that she worths it. Everything she touches is immediatelly commented.

If we think about Forbes and all the economical, business and entrepreneurs news is feed with, we understand it is strange to assume that Kim is going to decore the main page of the magazine. But the truth is that,  if we talk about economicals, she is one of the main claims for fashionists, trademarks and events.

Everythins she wears, is sold out. All the tips she shares, are followed. All the images she shares in the social media, are trendy. Followers all over the world follow her steps. Mostly everyone questions what does she have. But the truth is that, what she has proved is that her brain is, at least, as attractive as her body.

She has designed all her movements to make business a way of life. It is more than just the tv show or the presence in the main parties. She is what the apps with her fingertip, specially if we talk about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

For just 1.99 dollars, you can imagine being one of Kim’s friends and help her with her popularity and reputation. Can you imagine? Well, this simple idea make her own about 140 million dollars since the launch in 2014. Do you start imaging why she is the Forbes cover?

Let’s continue talking about the fortune she generates. During the starting months of this year, she has declared over 52 million dollar benefits for her image usage and the business she owns. This, situates her figure in the middle part of the rank of Forbes, in the 42th place of the 100 famous earners.

Now, we can see another face of this popular followed famous. She is intelligent, she knows how to earn her own empire and every step is well studied. She is a Forbes girl. She is July’s cover.

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