LISTEN: 5 Ideas That May Change How You Think About Privacy

In a very special collaboration, TED, NPR and The Huffington Post are teaming up to explore the state of privacy today.

Should we accept that sharing information, willingly (on social media, for example) or unwillingly (through government surveillance) is the wave of the future?

Hear what an artist, a lawyer, a hacker, an economist and an entrepreneur have to say about the meaning of privacy in the 21st century in the newest episode of NPR’s TED Radio Hour.

After that, tune in to HuffPost Live today at 3:00pm EST where Alessandro Acquisti, John Wilbanks, Hasan Elahi and NPR host Guy Raz will talk further about the themes raised in this episode.

And make sure to watch the five TED talks that inspired this project below:

A hacker offers chilling conclusions about the ‘surveillance state:’

Why this artist was followed by the FBI… and what he did about it:

See the creepy thing this economist learned by studying people’s faces:

What if sacrificing your privacy is good for your health?:

This former White House staffer thinks government should be less secretive:

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