National ‘Do Nothing Day’ Reminds Us To Take It All In, Especially When Traveling

Today (Thursday) is National Do Nothing Day. A quasi-holiday, sure, but we’ll take any excuse to think of things to not do in places we want to be besides the office.

If you happen to be on the road today, here are a few things you can not do while still doing something.

If you’re on a cruise…
cruise balcony
…sit on your balcony and take in the view

If you’re in a city…
luxembourg gardens reading
…sit in a park and read

If you’re on a beach…
jost van dyke
…a) lucky you and b) just sit and take in the view

If you’re in the country…
stargazing country

If you’re at a hotel…
people hotel lobby couches
…people watch in the lobby

If you’re on an airplane…
view from an airplane
…look at the window and marvel at the world below you

If you’re at the airport…
people looking at departures board airport
…stare at the departures board and think of where you want to go next

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