Online video and advertising: NewTube

“The internet is the great leveller,” pronounced Mark Thompson, the boss of the New York Times Company and former director-general of the BBC. “Video used to be the sole preserve of broadcasters.” No longer. Mr Thompson took the stage on April 28th in a Manhattan warehouse pulsing with about 500 guests, to show off his newspaper’s video vigour. It is launching 14 online “channels” and creating short shows inspired by its newspaper columns. One, called “Verbatim”, features comedians mocking court proceedings. Its website will also host videos produced by advertisers.The New York Times is not alone in trying to become like an online television station. In the coming week more than a dozen firms are making presentations as part of the “NewFronts”—the internet’s version of the traditional “Upfronts”, in which TV networks present their new shows to potential advertisers. The offerings from firms like AOL, Condé Nast and Google range from short clips to 30-minute series to long-form documentaries. Yahoo, an internet portal, is launching two new comedy shows, and will also live-stream concerts. Even Hollywood is entering the fray. In March the Walt Disney Company announced that it would spend at least $500m buying Maker Studio, which produces YouTube video series such as “Epic Rap Battles of History”.Some firms are making online…

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