Photographic agencies: Moving pictures

It took us, ooh, ages to find this pic

THESE days Silicon Alley has a Silicon Skyscraper at its top end. The Empire State Building, once stuffed to the viewing-deck with fusty, dark wood offices, has become home to several geek-filled open-plan floors. First in was the fast-growing New York arm of LinkedIn. Now, complete with gourmet cafeteria and video-game room, it has been joined by Shutterstock, the most successful tech firm to emerge in the Big Apple since it started claiming to be the new home of digital innovation.Shutterstock was founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer, a programmer who had previously sold software to block pop-up ads. Sending out marketing e-mails, he had become frustrated by the limited supply of cheap photos to use, and when a Microsoft software upgrade killed his business, he decided to focus on solving the photo problem by creating an online marketplace for stock shots, starting with 30,000 he took himself over the course of a year.Mr Oringer’s goal was to make the meeting of supply and demand as simple and data-driven as possible. Customers can either buy the right to use a single image or pay a subscription to use up to 25 a day….

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