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Cristina Fernández, the president of Argentina, was hospitalised for surgery to drain blood from her head. The vice- president, Amado Boudou, has taken charge in her absence, which will last until after mid-term elections on October 27th. This is the latest in a string of health problems that Ms Fernández has suffered. See article
Brazil demanded an explanation from Canada over reports that Canadian spies had collected internet and phone data from Brazil’s mining and energy ministry and a Brazilian diplomat. The allegation derives from documents provided by Edward Snowden.

Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s president, sought extra powers for his office from parliament that he insists are needed to fight economic “sabotage”. The government has been sounding off recently about economic saboteurs out to wreck the country, even expelling American officials. Mr Maduro’s opponents say he just wants to stifle dissent.
Brothers grim
At least 60 people were killed in Egypt in clashes with police following the biggest protests in support of the Muslim …

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