Rick Steves Drinking Game

Yes, I know I have favorite words, verbal tics, and trademark clichés that those who read or watch lots of my work find popping up over and over. These quirks give my travels maximum fun per mile, minute, and dollar while carbonating my ability to create experiences that are vivid and evocative.

Some of my fans shared this drinking game, which can bring even more joy to those watching my travel shows (watch full episodes for free on my website). The rules are easy.

Drink whenever I say these words:
1. Beautiful/Beauty
2. Modern
3. First
4. Ancient (avoid the Italy and Greece episodes if you don’t want to get alcohol poisoning)
5. Favorite
6. Evoke/Evocative (drink twice if used correctly: to bring a memory, feeling, or image, into the mind)
7. Excite/Exciting
8. Local

Drink anytime I drink.

And drink anytime I butcher the pronunciation of a non-English word.

Would you add any others?

Stay safe, drink responsibly, and “Keep on Travelin!”


Link to article: www.huffingtonpost.com/rick-steves/rick-steves-drinking-game_b_4804492.html?utm_hp_ref=travel&ir=Travel


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