Ryanair’s future: Oh really, O’Leary?

How we’ll miss him when he’s gone

FOR a business with a reputation for treating customers with an indifference bordering on hostility, Ryanair has done rather well. The Irish low-cost carrier is Europe’s biggest airline, transporting 80m passengers a year. It is still growing, and raking in pots of cash. Michael O’Leary, its abrasive boss, says the common perception is that Ryanair’s tickets are so cheap that travellers will “crawl over broken glass” for them.Why then did he use the firm’s annual general meeting in September to announce a new, softer Ryanair? Perhaps he worries that new European rules on state aid will force him to put up prices and that flyers will expect more for their money. Or that he is losing out to easyJet, a slightly less downmarket carrier. Or maybe all those tales of woe from flyers are weighing on Mr O’Leary’s conscience? OK, scrub that last one.Newspapers across Europe eagerly print passengers’ gripes about Ryanair’s abrupt service, and are encouraged to do so by the airline’s reluctance to apologise or even comment. Hitherto, it seems to have assumed that such “bad” publicity saves it more by deterring…

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/business/21588075-airlines-boss-promises-it-will-stop-being-quite-so-horrible-customers-oh-really-oleary?fsrc=rss|bus

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