The 5 best hiking places in France

From time to time, people have been eager to explore new and exciting places. France is one of the popular places for tourists. Therefore, hiking in France is the best way to learn about the country and especially to create a unique experience. Hiking around this country can provide you a great chance to escape the crowds, unwind and feel some personal space. You will discover many interesting things that make France one of the best and amazing country in Europe. So, here are 5 facts you might not know that will get you craving to visit this country.

Hiking around Chamonix

The principal destination in France for hikers from all around the world is around Chamonix.

Hikers shall not miss the Tour du Mont-Blanc, a trail going around the whole range in 2 weeks. If it is too big for you to hike there, close to Chamonix you can head to Chablais or Aravis. Further south, there are also splendid areas for walks such as the Tarentaise and the Vanoise.


Hiking to the Grande Traversée du Vercors

The Grande Traversée du vercors is through Drôme (GR No.s 9, 91, 93, 95 and 429). Actually, this trail in the scenic Vercors mountains, is split into two trails: the Tour du Vercors  and the Traversée du Vercorst. Together, the length of the trail is 255 miles. It will offer you the best sides of this Prealpine area. You can even do accompanied by donkeys if you want to.

Going for a hike from Perpignan to Biarritz

The Pyrénées range stretches from the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic Ocean. You could take an interest in a large group of other back nation activities, such as hiking and climbing, which would give you a foretaste of rural France. The hike lasts between 7 and 10 hours. If you are considering a hiking holiday there, you ought to get ready for the spring and fall seasons where skies are clearest giving the best perceivability.

Hiking from Grenoble to Nice

The other Alps are are wonderful and exceptionally fascinating for hiking enthusiasts. Around Grenoble, there are interesting and pretty lower-mountain ranges as Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. You could hike throughout these ranges. It is in fact relatively easy to find individual space and time for reflection on many lesser used trails.

Walking to the Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserve

Lac Blanc is not to be missed as it is a a heavenly place, with its unforgettable views across to Mont Blanc. What’s more, from the summit of the Flegre or the Index chairlift, this ramble at the foot of the Aiguilles Rouges leads to the only glacial lake in the range. The hike is a bit under two hours. You will find facilities and refreshments at the lake. One of the best places to admire also is the Lac Cornu. From the Planpraz lift to the lake is around 1h45, and it offers an extraordinary panorama of the reverse side of the Aiguilles Rouges range, the Fiz chain and the Aravis range.

Therefore, all of these tips can be of great assistance to you. Then, if you wish to discover all these destinations for hiking, just follow all these guides above. If not, there are other interesting places near the beach and many luxury cars to complement your stay in France, you can click here.

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