The Best Vacations For Your Vices

Vacation is a time to indulge. For many, that indulgence may be lazing around in a beautiful place and doing nothing very much at all.

For others, indulgence may come in a less…innocent…form. Whether your poison is liquid, herbal, material or menacing, we’ve found the best cities to vacation in for your vices.

monte carlo casino

If you crave the thrill and challenge of gambling, you’re probably a regular in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other casino-filled destinations in the U.S. But make a big trip of it and enjoy the luxury of Monte-Carlo, where you can gamble at a world-famous casino and play amongst the well-heeled and well-dressed.

Smoking Tobacco

Gadling recently released a list of the best vacation spots in the world for tobacco smokers. According to their findings, the cheapest place in the world to buy a pack of cigarettes is Indonesia at $0.64 a pack. So for a cheap, smokes-filled vacation, you know where to go. If it’s cigars you love, you should take a trip to Switzerland. Take a ride on the Davidoff-Schiff — a floating cigar haven where you can sample dozens of cigars and spy on Swiss celebrities that frequent the ship.

Smoking… Other Things
denver marijuana

Obviously, there’s Amsterdam. But if you want to check out somewhere new, head to Colorado, where new, historic marijuana laws were recently passed, allowing for the sale and use of recreational marijuana to adults — residents and locals beginning in January 2014. Make sure to read over the rules and regulations before going, but if you’re a fan of herbal refreshments, you definitely need to head out west, where pot tourism could very well boom.

Drinking Beer
bruges beer

Do you dream of foamy glasses of ale? Do the words “hops,” “IPA” and “fermentation” make your heart skip a beat? Then you need to take a beer vacation. That’s not a vacation on which you just drink beer. It’s a beer-centric vacation. For a U.S. adventure, head to Vermont. It’s a small state with a ton of breweries — the most per capita in the country — meaning you can see (and drink) a lot without traveling too far. The state is home to nearly 30 craft breweries and a number of brewpubs and and beer festivals.

Internationally, you’ve got tons of options, but one place you have to check out is Bruges, Belgium, where you can sample hundreds of kinds of Belgian beer, visit brewpubs and some of the only Trappist breweries in the world. That’s beer brewed by monks. Heavenly.

Drinking Wine
loire valley vineyard

If savory reds and citrusy whites are more your style, then a wine tasting adventure must be your next vacation. Tuscany and Napa Valley are great, but for a truly definitive experience head to France’s Loire Valley, where some of the finest wine is produced in lush, beautiful vineyards. Not only is the region incredibly beautiful, but it produces a diverse array of wines — there are five distinct wine-producing regions including Muscadet and Sancerre.

Taking Risks
kawarau bridge

Adrenaline junkies can get thrills all over the world. But for a truly death-defying vacation, thrill seeks must take a trip to New Zealand. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places you can go to paraglide, sky dive, bungee jump, mountain bike and white water raft. The country is basically the thrill capital of the world. Make sure to take a scream-inducing ride on the Nevis Swing — the largest swing in the entire world and take a jump off of the Kawarau Bridge — the world’s first bungee-jumping location.

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