There’s More Snow In NYC Than In Sochi Right Now. This Snowboarder Took Full Advantage

With endless slush rivers and freezing temperatures plaguing this winter, New Yorkers have grown disenchanted with the sight of snow. Although the Olympic snowboarding events are held up in the mountains where there is snow, it’s been warmer in Sochi, Russia this week than New York City.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat’s recent snowboarding adventure is restoring our long forgotten childhood memory that snow can indeed be fun, even thrilling.

Securing himself behind a Jeep with a tow rope, watch Neistat weave in and out of dangerous traffic — all while managing to avoid a run-in with the NYPD.

But don’t attempt to replicate Neistat’s stunts! As he notes on his YouTube channel, “I’m an ok snowboarder but I edited this movie to make me look much much better than I actually am.”

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