Thomson double booking isn’t plain sailing

My partner and I went online separately to secure the same Madeira holiday, but we can’t get a refund

In August my partner and I enjoyed a holiday in Madeira booked through Thomson’s website. However, on arrival at the resort, it transpired that we had paid twice for this holiday because the website had timed out when I tried to book and my partner, who lives 250 miles away, immediately booked it as the places were limited and we wanted to secure the holiday.

I did not know that my initial attempts at booking this holiday had actually gone through and assumed that any emails I received from Thomson were triggered by my partner having booked.

It may seem odd that I hadn’t checked my online bank account but at the time my mother was ill and was not expected to survive. The holiday adviser at the resort told us that he had noticed there were two bookings, in the same names, several weeks before we arrived and had discussed it with the local team but did not take any action. He understood what had happened and offered to sort it out. Despite his best efforts we were offered a Thomson’s voucher with no explanation. I would be grateful if you could help bring this to a satisfactory conclusion. LW, Blackburn, Lancashire

This is another case of an online transaction that has been duplicated – an issue which triggers a growing number of complaints. But we are sorry to say you really should have doubled-checked the content of your emails rather than making assumptions. The company says you are not entitled to a refund because both you and your partner completed separate bookings for the holiday and confirmation was sent to you showing the charges incurred. It disputes that there were any problems with the website itself. However, we do have some good news because, as a gesture of goodwill. Thomson has offered you a partial refund of your accommodation cost. Thomson said: “We always encourage customers to check their confirmation emails to ensure they are happy with the holiday that they have booked. On this occasion LW didn’t notify us of her error until she arrived in the resort, which was unfortunately too late to rectify her double booking.”

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