An adventure trip with Travel2be in the West American Coast

Have you ever imagine the possibility of travelling in a van in the United States? Well, the truth is that every year more European travelers decide to go to this country to spend their holidays.

As Travel2be, an Spanish online travel agency, published last year in their III Travelers Survey about Satisfaction and airlines Tencency, United States is one of the destinations that is increasing the visits during last years.

If you decide to start this trip, firstly you will have to take into account where are your flights going to land or take off. Travel2be helps you with this just by offering you the best prices on the Internet to many American cities. Booking in this company is easy as they have an effective searcher that will help you during all the process.

From San Francisco to Phoenix

We will plan this adventure landing in San Francisco. Obviously, as many visitors have their own opinions about this city. If you take a look to their reviews, you will have some global tips of the type of tourism you will be able to discover in this rhythm city.

First of all, do not hesitate in spending some time just walking through the streets to get to the Moscone Center, the biggest complex in San Francisco.

Once you rent your car or van in one of the many options you will find in the Internet, like Travel2be, you must design your own tour.

There are some must if you are traveling this route kilometers: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Bryce Canyon and also, of course, Las Vegas. You can also find information about the Annual Pass, that offers you many discounts and better prices to discover the National Parks.

Be carefull with the timetables. Many parks have their own schedules so you will have to plan very good the time to arrive and spend there.

Another city you cannot miss is Los Angeles. Try to book a hotel there to spend some days in this cinema mecca and discover why it is one of the most magical places for cinema lovers and stars.

But, what can we say about Las Vegas, the nonstop city, the lights city, the place to have an original wedding but also the place to see some of the most important singers and musicals.

Finally, you can take your return flight in Phoenix, another place to discover and enjoy the real west.

If you decide to try this plan, you will be on the same opinion as many Travel2be users, that follow their Facebook page to discover some original plans to dream.

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