A crucial week in the international markets

International markets have their eyes and expectation to what will happen during the meeting of the European Central Bank planned for Thursday.

According to forecasts, they are waiting for the publication of the information about new interest rates that will use the bank as result of the lower inflation of the last published data.

Among the variables expected, observers are really interested in knowing if Draghi will also announce more details about the purchase programm, backed by assets, that is currently underway or even if he will announce something about the probably decision of buying government debt.

Today have been published the Pmi results for September for the Chinese manufacturer sector, where data have demonstrated that the business expectative in this sector has decreased. As experts are reading from the results published, the confidence in this business is still low and this market could suffer one more month the consecuences of the pression of all this situation.

In the European area, between today and tomorrow working out will be lightened this data in many all countries, that can also be crucial for the decisions of the European Central Bank in their meeting of tomorrow.

Moreover, we cannot forget that the social, economical and political situation in Hong Kong is also influencing the market opening and closing during these days, may asset, depending on the mesures taken or spreading this sector in a descending order.

The European Union and Euro zone data, that will be totally published and analized tomorrow, will give a second read to all these situation.

Observers from all over the world, including the ones of Versus Wealth Management, are pending the announcement tomorrow in Europe and important data also come to light on Friday in the United States, again without losing sight of the Asian markets and current trends, and are already studying the situation of other indicators that can move during these days the market to try to anticipate the movements of the industry.

As shown by the market indicators nowadays, this week seems to be crucial in many ways to be able to make a valoration about the confidence status, not only in Europe but also in the United States.

With a close down in yesterday’s afternoon , which has led to rub off this morning the rest of the markets, experts are also waiting to know the health of the confidence of the American economy through the data that will be published this Friday on the Report on Employment in the United States. This, however, does not mean that the market for this area is still broken its uptrend.

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