Virtual reality, a good alternative in times of a pandemic?

The human being has always been a mystery. Brain capacities, chemicals, feelings… Everything is very complex to understand and very difficult to control. That’s why new technologies and innovations are focused on trying to make life easier and more satisfying. Helping to answer big questions such as the search for happiness. One of the most recent bets and with a very potential future is virtual reality, and even more with all the current situation with so many limitations in place.

It is something that has been known for a long time, the world is in constant modernization and digitalization. It has been proven with what is happening with the global pandemic right now. Social distancing and using online and digital media has become a necessity for everyone. Those who have not yet used these tools have been forced to do so in order to survive. It is a challenge, but there are plenty of opportunities to access them.

This has happened at all levels and in all sectors. Many companies have had to reinvent themselves. They have gone on to create special machines to disinfect objects and even designated COVID-19 free areas, devices to meet the needs of hospitals, objects that help prevent the spread of coronavirus and even many other brands dedicated to improving online entertainment from home.

The increase in online shopping, use of video call applications, intense use of social networks, increased search for recipes, online training to do from home and viewing different movies and series among others. So, what will be the next step?

In times when the population is reduced in its freedom, in days when fear of contagion is at its highest, health is a priority and all recommendations include staying home and interacting physically as little as possible. But, what is the best thing to do? When some countries have already been locked up at home for many weeks in quarantine, there are no more things left to do. In addition to intensifying all online content and making it as accessible as possible, the adult sector in particular has benefited from advances in virtual reality.

Many believe that when one sense is diminished for whatever reason, the rest are sharpened and perfected to meet that need, or lack thereof. But to what extent is this true? Because when touch and physical contact have been reduced by “obligation”, how can the rest of the senses be intensified? The answer is easy, with the help of virtual reality or VR.

Many video games have already used this technology and many films refer to it. Although many times located in possible apocalyptic futures such as “Ready Player One”. With the help of a pair of glasses and a space where you can move quietly you can teleport to another world and do almost anything. Evade from the current reality and live the deepest desires and fantasies. The opportunities are endless. Almost anything the mind can imagine. Like sexual practices with a London escort, or even more possibilities. The only disadvantage is that it is not one hundred percent real, there is no physical contact. But if you can “fool” the brain and have a fun time while doing so, where is the problem right?

The adult entertainment sector is still in constant evolution. Remote control, sex robots, virtual reality and so on. Everything to try to intensify and increase the pleasure. Even the best online porn sites have their own category.

To feel in first person the erotic encounter dreamed with women of any type. It is only necessary a VR device to teleport that person to any scenario. Then, from home, you can put on your glasses and helmets and enter the scene with the girl or escort in Madrid that you want. There are even some options that include hand devices to make the whole situation more authentic.

Because once you start the experience and tilt your head you will be able to observe and move on the chosen stage. You can choose to watch a video with this technology, or create your own experience by personally directing each movement. More intense than any spicy video call. Keep sex online in a completely different way.

Stimulate and satisfy the imagination through sight and hearing mainly. As Octavio Paz already revealed, that it was the invisible character present in every erotic encounter.  But, in spite of being an interesting and funny alternative in the situation we are living… Is it really better than physical sex?

A widespread debate. Something that technology over time will try to confirm in one way or another. A reality that although it may seem idyllic now is a future, perhaps true. In the meantime, we can only continue to imagine what new inventions will emerge to continue to increase and intensify pleasure even more in the greatest possible comfort.

Fdo.: Deborah Salas

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