5 reasons to bet for a trip to Nepal

We are sure you have already thought what we were about to tell you. And you are not wrong. The 2015 tragedy has been a problem for this country in terms of tourism and incomes. If you are a travel lover, we can assure you will enjoy this experience. It is mystical, beautiful, unique and unforgettable. Just take a look to the many reasons to plan this trip.

Why Nepal?

1.- Trekking in Nepal: this country is something unique since the very first moment you arrive here and you can contribute with your enjoy just by trekking it. Many local agencies will help you discovering some of the most beautiful spots in the country contracting local guides. The Langtang Valley is one of the most popular places to visit and they are just waiting the visitors to let them see all the beauty.

2.- Durbar Square: located in Patan it is one of the three squares considered World Heritage. This one is really special as it held the earthquakes that took place in the country during 2015. The Golden Temple of the city, built during the 12th century is also saved.

3.- Himalaya: ok, we are talking about one of the most incredible spots in this country. The Lukla airport is maybe one of the dangerous ones in the world, but it is perfect place to arrive if you want to visit this unique corner.

4.- Pashupatinah: this crematorium is the Asian most famous one (after the Benares one). Currently, there are still daily cremations and the Indian rituals and tradition you will see there we promise it is unforgettable.

5.- Stupas: the real buddhist prayer places. This places own always some relics, some of the most magical and devoted pieces for their faith. The Bodanath of Kathmandu got cracked during the earthquake althouth they proach to save the final tower and rebuild it.



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