BBC is not charging 6% of television rates

If we think about a public media as an example of independent and quality content, all our minds go to the BBC. The British Broadcast Corporation has always been an example of how the public media should inform from the objectivity, forgeting the current Government colours or the most influent public faces.

The British National Statistical Office has just published that the evassion of the television rate fee during the period 2015-2016 could have arised to the 6%. That means, in terms of incomes, more than 26 million of licences that have not been paid to the BBC – between 287 and 333 million of euros – for its maintenance.

In the UK there is a tax that all the tv owners should pay when owning an equipment that can sintonize and even record the public media signal. If we talk about it, we have to mention that in the UK you have to pay 145.5 pounds if you want to have a tv at home.

Capita, the company that has to collect this tax for the BBC was able to sum 3.740 millon pounds for the 2015 although they have calculated that the evassion can mean about 280 million more. Nevertheless, the amount that can be collected is enough to keep the production and escaleta of the most popular channel in the UK, reference also all over the world.

Although all these, they are going to plan more inspections in order to avoid all the losses they are suffering as they have planed to make the evassion decrease to the 3% for 2020. We have to say that forgetting this tax is an offence under the British legislation that can be hard sanctioned.

The documentaries, the news and all the BBC work is really appreciated all over our planet and it has to be the reflect for the public media services all over Europe.

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