Chile’s presidential election: Cruising back to La Moneda

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Little England or Great Britain?

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Chile’s presidential election


A more left-wing Michelle Bachelet is set to win on a tide of social discontent



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ON OCTOBER 27th, as Michelle Bachelet, clad in a shawl of green and gold, took the stage in a belle-époque theatre in a suburb of Santiago to launch her manifesto, the announcer introduced her as “the future president of Chile”. For once, the campaign triumphalism did not seem misplaced. Everything suggests that Ms Bachelet, a Socialist paediatrician, is heading back to La Moneda, the presidential palace, only four years after she left it. One question is whether she will win outright on November 17th, or be taken to a run-off a month later. The other, more important one is just how far she proposes to steer Chile to the left.
A survey by the Centre for Public Studies (CEP), …

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