Climate diplomacy: Keeping the show on the road

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Climate diplomacy


Better than nothing, but much more to do



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MANUEL PULGAR VIDAL, Peru’s environment minister (pictured right) and the host of this year’s UN climate talks, had confidently predicted that negotiations would wrap up on schedule at 6.00pm on December 12th with a pisco sour, the country’s national cocktail. In the event, it was coffee that the sleepless delegates consumed as the talks in Lima ran on for another day and a half. At last, in the early hours of December 14th, negotiators from 190 countries agreed a four-page text of decisions. While much less than climate activists wanted, it is enough to keep hopes alive that the world will agree a new climate treaty at the next summit in Paris in a year’s time. But the haggling in Lima shows just how difficult that will be.
Scientists believe that a rise in global temperatures of more than 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels …

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