Colleges With The Best Campus Food, According To Niche

Sure, college is primarily a place for learning, but no one can learn on an unhappy stomach. These schools go above and beyond to keep their students well-fed.

The website Niche put together where to find the best campus food across the nation. To create these rankings, they looked at a variety of factors including, of course, how good the food is according to student opinion, but also how much the meal plan costs, the variety of healthy foods and foods for different dietary preferences and how convenient the hours are at dining locations.

The schools with the best campus food vary widely and are scattered across the country. The top school, Virginia Tech, regularly serves up serious gourmet dishes. In second place, Washington University in St. Louis offers students a wide variety of places to get food that are open for long amounts of time.

It may not be regularly available to undergrads, but the University of Georgia has their own brand of caviar. Meanwhile, the University of California-Davis began a student cooking competition to add recipes from home to the menu.

Check out which schools made the cut:

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