Do you know your world cities? Quiz answers

Find out how you did in our travel picture quiz on world city skylines, and take away some tips for your next trip

Image one: Seoul.
One of the world’s great megacities, the south Korean capital is home to approximately 24 million people.
Fancy a trip? Read about Jennifer Cox’s walk across the vast spawling city.
This gallery of images by Mike Beech captures the intensity of the city.
Seoul may not be as well known for food as Bangkok or Tokyo but it has some fantastic dishes.

Image two: Dehli.
Another great megacity where having a local contact to give you a steer on the city is invaluable.
Fancy a trip? Discover where to find the best korma, paratha and more from a local food blogger.
Follow our 80 year-old columnist Simon Gandolfi on his motorbike journeys from Dehli back to his home in Herefordshire.

Image three: Singapore.
Wow! Lasers beam from the Marina Bay Sands, a luxury hotel with a huge infinity pool (three times as long as an Olympic pool) running along the length of its ‘Skypark’, which sits atop three 55-story towers. It features in our gallery of world’s best outdoor pools.
Fancy a trip? The city has sanitised its street food to an extent, moving vendors into indoor markets, but that hasn’t stopped them producing fantastic food usually for just a couple of pounds per dish. Read about the best here.

Image four: Doha, Qatar.
The world’s richest city and capital of the 2022 World Cup host nation. Doha’s skyline is ever evolving, with all that oil money funding new architecture, art galleries and museums, such as Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Islamic Art, filled with world-class artworks .
Fancy a trip? Read about the city’s burgeoning art scene here.

Image five: Frankfurt.
Fancy a trip? Germany’s financial centre is not all gleaming offices as even bankers have to relax sometime – and where better than at one of the city’s urban beach bars as outlined in our guide to Germany.

Image six: Rio de Janeiro.
One of the world’s most beautiful cities, where forested hills rise above densely packed neighbourhoods and mile upon mile of golden sand provides beach space for everyone, including buzzy Copacabana shown in this image. All eyes will be on the city next year when it hosts the World Cup.
Fancy a trip? Beyond Rio lie a further 4,000 miles of coastline with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
Check out the glorious burst of colour and exuberance that is the Rio carnival in this gallery.

Image seven: Dallas.
The Texan city was built on oil and has the shiny skyscrapers to prove it.
Fancy a trip? There’s more to it than swaggering oil barons as a local arts editor shows.

Image eight: Lisbon.
Europe’s most underrated capital. In this city of hills there are gorgeous views of red rooftops, the river and the Golden-gate like 25 de Abril suspension bridge at almost every corner, with numerous miradors (viewpoints) from which to enjoy them – usually with a kiosk serving good coffee or cocktails.
Fancy a trip? This is a city made for indulgence, whether its tucking into great food – as you’ll discover on this local foodie tour – or enjoying the night life.
It’s also a great base for day trips, whether it’s to the beach or the fascinating town of Sintra.

Image nine: Barcelona.
The city is famed for the surreal architecture of Antoni Gaudí. Few people associate it with massive modern buildings like the 142-metre Gerkin-like Torre Agbar (Agbar-tower) built by French architect Jean Nouvel.
Fancy a trip? One of the best views of the city is from the outdoor Olympic pool (Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc). Watch a video about the pool here.
For dozens of expert tips on Barcelona browse our interactive city guide.

Image ten: Bangkok.
Another spectacular city that assaults your senses at every step.
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