Dutch politics: Not so Calvinist any more

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The new face of terror

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Dutch politics


The Party of Freedom benefits from Dutch austerity fatigue



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The price of recession

The price of recession

GEERT WILDERS, a far-right populist politician, has been stirring up Dutch politics for nearly a decade, but he has never lured many people onto the streets. Unlike more mainstream Dutch parties, Mr Wilders’s Party for Freedom (PVV) has no dues-paying members and propagates its anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic message largely through the media. But on September 21st, the PVV adopted a new tactic, staging a rally in The Hague to demand a halt to the Dutch government’s latest austerity measures.
According to the police, only a thousand demonstrators turned up. But the low turnout belies Mr Wilders’s popularity. With the Dutch public turning against EU-imposed austerity, the coalition …

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/europe/21586887-party-freedom-benefits-dutch-austerity-fatigue-not-so-calvinist-any-more?fsrc=rss


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