Lion Triplets Meet Dad For The First Time; Immediately Annoy The Hell Out Of Him

Meeting one of your children for the first time would be interesting enough. But imagine meeting a set of your own triplets all at once?

That’s exactly what happened to Zawadi Mungu, the lion king of the Oregon Zoo who met his cubs for the first time this week.

At first, the male lion seemed a little bothered by the cubs who immediately went to claw at his mane, tail and back. But after some time they seemed to settle in, despite Zawadi Mungu continuing to show the triplets his menacing teeth that make him one of the world’s deadliest predators.

According to Portland’s KCW news station, the pride is now fully acquainted with each other, and papa is even grooming his new cubs.

Zawadi Mungu’s name means “Gift of God.” He was moved from the San Diego Wild Animal Park to the Oregon Zoo in 2009.

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