Obama’s Local Hawaii Vacation: What We Wish He’d Do

Like the rest of us, the Obamas are creatures of habit. They make the Hawaiian island of Oahu their holiday trip every winter, they rent the same beachside house, and they frequent (more or less) the same restaurants and attractions.

This year, we have something else in mind for the Obamas. If you’re listening, first family, we very respectfully ask that you try the below seven Oahu attractions — like true locals.

1. Have a local breakfast at Hukilau Cafe.

The obvious choice for breakfast would be the famous Cinnamon’s Restaurant in Kailua, not far from the Obamas’ winter residence, but we’d like to see the president and his family do breakfast like a true local would. (Live up to that birth certificate, Mr. President!)

We would send the Obamas to the Hukilau Cafe, which is tucked into the quiet countryside of Laie on the east side of Oahu. Our presidential recommendations include the macadamia nut pancakes, a fried rice omelet and, of course, a loco moco — an island breakfast-staple consisting of rice, a hamburger patty and a fried egg, all underneath a generous pour of hot gravy.

2. Do yoga on a stand up paddle board at Kawela Bay.

This beach stretches along one of the last few untouched bays on the island of Oahu and is at risk of being replaced by new hotels and condominiums. Although the quiet bay’s future is up in the air, the Obama family can still enjoy the pristine beach now.

Protected by a reef and two points of land, the water in Kawela Bay stays relatively calm, especially during the powerful winter surf season on the North Shore. In our presidential dreamworld, we imagine Michelle, Malia and Sasha playing in shallow waters as Barack paddles deeper in the bay for a calming downward dog and sun salutation. Namaste, Mr. President.

3. Jump off the rock at Waimea Bay…

Just how brave can the Obamas be? The appropriately named “Jump Rock” at Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore is perfect for climbing and cannon-balling back into the ocean. Let’s just hope that no one in the family has a fear of heights. The tallest point on the rock is about 30 feet and the water below is anywhere between 10 to 20 feet deep, depending on the tide.

4. …or watch the massive waves.
waimea bay surf
It’s very likely that the Obamas will be on the island to experience one of the massive swells that Hawaii’s North Shore is famous for. When the conditions are just right, Waimea Bay hosts some of the biggest waves in the world, with wave faces up to 30 and 40 feet.

If the Obamas are extra lucky, they might be able to catch the world’s most prestigious big wave competition, the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition, which can only be held when the waves are a minimum of 20 feet. The contest has only happened eight times since its inception in 1985, with the most recent contest in 2009.

5. Kayak to the Mokulua Islands.
mokulua islands kayak
The Mokulua islands, known as “the Mokes” to locals, are two small islands just off the coast of Kailua — the little beach town where the Obamas are staying for the holidays. The bigger of the two islands, Moku Nui, is the perfect spot for a presidential beach day since it’s only a thirty minute kayak ride from Lanikai Beach. The first family can bring beach towels, boogie boards, even a small grill for barbecuing, and spend hours exploring the beaches and coves on the tiny island.

6. Take a booze cruise during sunset.
waikiki booze cruise
What do you get when you have a 45-foot catamaran, endless beer and Mai Tais, and a Hawaiian sunset? One. Epic. Evening.

An island attraction for drinking-inclined tourists and locals, commercial sailing catamarans launch from Waikiki beach for a 90-minute boozy boat ride. Charters like Na Hoku II and Manu Kai have reputations as the hardest partying boats on the shoreline, both with open bars and impromptu dance parties. While it’s very unlikely that the Obamas would actually end up on one of these, we can dream, can’t we?

7. Get fresh produce at a local farmers market.
oahu farmers market
The first family can turn their next Hawaii meal into a true community experience by buying local food and produce at one of the many farmers markets on the island of Oahu. Hawaii imports about 85-90% of its food, which means promoting and supporting local food is an environmental priority. Obama can meet and greet farmers and pick up some of the island’s signature fruits — lilikoi, guavas, pineapples and the ever-strange-looking dragon fruit. There are many farmers markets around the island, including one in Kailua town near the Obamas’ winter vacation rental.

Alongside fruits and veggies, many markets also offer a wide variety of food plates — from sushi to desserts — and unique gifts and crafts. The first family will be able to have a local and healthy meal while picking up last-minute holiday gifts, all while helping to support the local economy!

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