One Man’s Stunning 20,000 Mile Adventure In Wyoming’s Wildscapes Will Blow You Away [VIDEO]

Over 400 days in production, from the “first shutter click to final edit.” 20,000 miles driven and 100 miles traveled on foot. 125,000 thousand stills taken over the course of the project. But how does filmmaker Nicolaus Wegner quantify his incredible adventure into Wyoming’s wildscapes?

By hours “watching the stars at night high in the mountain wilderness, experiencing a meteor shower in the lower basins, having a supercell spinning directly overhead on the high plains, watching lightning play across the hills and prairies, trying to stand up against 60mph ground blizzard creating winds in the dead of winter, all the while spending much of that time with the love of my life,” writes Wegner in a blog post about his unbelievably beautiful time-lapse video.

The visuals are as incredible as his trek. Wegner set out to capture the wildscapes in all four seasons, at all times of day. One sequence features grey clouds rising above a barren field in winter, but later, daffodils are in full focus. Scrubland contrasts with red, rocky plateaus, and in one particularly stunning sequence, lightning strikes compete with constellations for the camera’s attention.

“This is Wyoming,” Wegner said of his video in a comment, and if it is, we’re booking the next flight out.

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