Party Underground In Paris’ ‘Ghost Stations’

As if Paris wasn’t already enviable enough. One mayoral candidate for the world’s most romantic city has just unveiled a proposal to turn Paris’s eleven abandoned Metro stations into fabulous cultural venues, ranging from nightclubs to theaters to public swimming pools.

Politician Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, often referred to as “NKM,” has just released preliminary sketches by architects Nicolas Laisné and Manal Rachdi as part of her campaign to reimagine Paris’s abandoned Metro stations as cultural, athletic, and entertainment hotspots. The sketches depict fabulously creative ideas that could transform these long abandoned “ghost stations” of the Paris Métro into some of the most fabulous sites the beauty-filled city has to offer. See for yourself:

Here’s their proposal for a Parisian underground nightclub:

Nightclubs are sexy, underground ghost stations are sexy — put the two together, and we’ve already booked out flight. Your local watering hole just got a little bit lamer in comparison…

Here’s their proposal for a Parisian underground theatre:

For an “underground” cultural experience in every sense of the word.

Here’s their proposal for a Parisian underground athletic space:

Exercising above-ground? Not very chic.

Here’s their proposal for a Parisian underground art space:

Radical art in the radically transformed spaces of Parisian history.

Here’s their proposal for a Parisian underground restaurant:

Because food tastes better when you eat it in the true soul of Paris!

If elected, NKM promises to launch a coalition to accept a wide range of proposals, from which the people of Paris can select their favorite designs.

Until now, these Parisian tunnels have remained cloaked in mystery. Many of the tunnels, like the Saint-Martin, Arsenal, Champ de Mars and Croix-Rouge, were closed in 1939, at the onset of World War Two. Others were built and simply never used. The tunnels are popular destinations for aspiring urbanite explorers. Most are silent today, though some are used to store trains or teach metro staff. Additionally, scenes from films, such as Amelie, have taken place in these quiet tunnels.

Hopefully this plan can change Paris’s underground into spaces all Parisians can enjoy. NKM says that all construction would be done with the supervision and cooperation of the Paris Transport Authority and the Paris Fire Brigade.

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