The 6 Best Places for 2014: Can You Guess?


So, once again we combed the planet, turned over the stones, took the pulses, danced the boards, and basked in the wonders. Over the years we’ve plumbed over 180 countries, but we do not choose a “best” because “it is a great place,” and certainly not because it has fantastic hotels or restaurants. We choose a place because it inspires us.

The destinations in this year’s list were chosen because they swept us away. Yes, there are the amenities, the views, the spas, but at the start of the day we look for four key qualities: adventure, romance, delight, and something we might call glamour.

What makes us quest to the reaches of the world? Glamour may not be the right word, but not because it is too overreaching; it is only insufficient. In short, we have selected the places herein simply because they open our eyes and make us wonder.

The hints are below. Can you guess these places?







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